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Innovative Business Technologies

IBT’s mission is to be a trustworthy IT partner that helps our customers through business challenges by providing cloud computing and IT services that support and promote their overall success.


IBT is a SOC II compliant Cloud Service Provider and Managed IT Service organization with an emphasis on security and high availability.

Under our Cloud Service Portfolio, we offer Hosted Data, Voice, and Disaster Recovery Services. Our cloud data service includes server, desktop, and application hosting with built-in Disaster Recovery via our site resilient infrastructure.

Our cloud voice service allows dispersed office locations and remote workers to operate under a single virtual roof with features, such as forwarding, transfer of calls, conferencing, and many others that would be available in an enterprise class phone system.

The Disaster Recovery service is performed at the byte level allowing for an efficient real-time replication of data to protect businesses up to the minute of a disaster.

This ‘hot site’ design allows for a truly functional business continuity plan in the midst of a chaotic event.

All of IBT’s cloud services operate out of top tiered SOC II compliant data centers that far exceed redundant infrastructure standards.

In addition to our Cloud Services we are able to provide Managed IT Services to supplement existing IT staff or provide needed technical support.

Although we place a large emphasis on the equipment, tools, and trusted vendor partnerships that we employ, our highest priority is truly our customers. We cherish the relationship that we have with them and consider it a privilege to provide the best support possible to help in their success, and to know the trust that they have in us to continuously look out for their best interest.


Innovative Business Technologies, Inc. (IBT) was founded in 2008 to provide the healthcare industry with a non-biased, independent technology company that not only understands Information Technology, but the nuances that go along with supporting those that provide patient care. From government regulations to the urgency and reliability required for patient data access, our focus is to ensure that technology is not a hindrance, but rather a valuable component in the overall success of our customers.

At the onset of IBT, our focus was technical consulting and disaster recovery services. With our high-end data center space, providing an environment to host business software applications was a natural progression.

Soon after, we expanded into a site-resilient multi data center infrastructure. In addition, our partnerships with major platform developers continued to strengthen, allowing us to make a strong push into the cloud space.

This growth and development provided the construct to support our overall vision of offering a ‘full office in the cloud’. To complete this vision, we soon added voice services with enterprise PBX functionality. This along with our hosted applications, cloud desktops, and disaster recovery services provides our customers with a top level cloud experience by filling in the gaps that are often not present with many hosted solutions.

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